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Our first E.P as a four-piece, "Growth" is a record we are immensely proud of. With the addition of a fourth member the sound we had been aiming for was realised and captured in these three songs

A neo-psychedelic mixture of space-rock, progressive blues and jazz, we feel these tracks represent the band in its truest current sense.

"Growth is by far their most nuanced and accomplished record to date. The rough & ready blues rock is still gratefully present; but accompanied by a new found penchant for structure and melody" - Counterfeit Magazine

"'[Growth] draws you into both the sounds and the lyrics with a near hypnotic feel" - Keep Music Live

"Their attempts to blend styles are the work of a band attempting to look forwards rather than back. The textural nature of much of the music on 'Memory Loss' and the propulsive garage rock that ends 'Kettle of Fish' suggest that this is a band with a good few more sides to show us yet." - Echoes and Dust

"Nothing I could write would prepare you for the song’s finale in which the song – and by extension, the band – almost literally explodes." - Space Giraffe

"From the beginning of the EP ‘These Clowns’ had me already hooked, with the loud drums and LSD guitar riffing" - WordsforMusic

"Impressively expansive and explorative music... ‘Growth’ is a mixture of styles, influences and genres that gel wonderfully to create a cacophony of the familiar and the surprising" - Listen with Monger

"An exuberant crescendo of noise...roller all senses of the words" - MusicMafia

All instruments recorded live, excluding vocals.


released February 8, 2013

Termite is:
George Roberts - Vocals, Guitar
Sam Rodwell - Guitar
Sam Mercer - Bass Guitar
Danny Brown - Drums

All tracks written and recorded by Termite.

Mixed by George Roberts and Sam Mercer

Mastered by Tim Monaghan

Artwork by George Roberts

The E.P is available for free download if you wish but we would really appreciate any donations you wish to make - it makes a huge difference and means that we can make more music and play more gigs.





all rights reserved


Termite UK

A 'disgustingly contagious' Neo-Psychedelic four-piece.

George Roberts - Guitar, Vocals, Synth
Sam Mercer - Bass, Vocals
Sam Rodwell - Guitar, Vocals
Danny Brown - Drums, Vocals, Flute

+ Whatever other instruments take our fancy
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Track Name: These Clowns
Detach those pupils from the screen
this life is more than just a lucid dream.
Just stand up straight so you can see
all of the places that you'll never be.
Let it fill your mind with jealousy,
I'll bet your eyes are way too square to see.

To tell the truth I can't pretend
I'm able to begin to comprehend
your over-complicated head.
I just don't seem to understand my friend,
the show is at its end it's at the end.
These clowns won't bother you again.

He whispers a shout, words coming out as smooth as a pebble
asleep on the riverbed.
And he doesn't quite know exactly the way these jokers did meddle
with his heart, we put it in his head.

When the people below me all looked to the sky,
well they saw me as I saw them.
After all they belong to the very same rituals and principals they condemn.

It's the headache in the morning and that heartbreaking sting,
It's the further it will take us or the closer it will bring.
It's given me everything I am.
Track Name: Memory Loss
Sit down and look me in the eye
tell me what and tell me why we just let the currents win
and take us down the waterfall
is this the call?

Captain says drop your anchors now
take the world your feet allow.
The time has come to roll the dice
so close your eyes, release your mind and break the ice.

Old father time knows just where your mind disconnects
and he knows of those who mean the most to you.
And old father time knows just when your mind will forget them
and he'll lay down these obstacles just when you least expect them.
Track Name: Kettle of Fish
Play you cards boy, it's not a childs toy.
This is life, go pick a wife.
We'll leave without you, frozen stiff.
Step into the light and pick a fight.

A broken droid searching for a way to mend
looking out for a dead-end waiting round the bend.
But little girl, I want to see your face again
but I'm cursed and slowly melting away.

Let the pin roll down your throat
bite the barrel and tell a joke.
Taste the freedom.
Take the risk.
We're all birds in a cage,
a kettle of fish.

A broken droid searching for a way to mend
looking out for a dead-end waiting round the bend.
But little girl, I want to see your face again
but I'm cursed and slowly melting away.

A picture in my mind is all I have now.
I could just fall down and stay down
become a carpet for the vermin
another meal for the vultures
a placebo for the dying
a retribution for the lost.
I'll become a scapegoat for the cowards
another meal for the birds.